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The basic structure includes: They then established the best possible speaker position in relation to the listeners with the aid of advanced design software. This is the reason why, a few days after you buy it, your Lancia Thesis will lose all trace of anonymity and standardisation that make it similar to all other Lancia Thesis cars.

It also offers the possibility of receiving short written messages, SMSs Short Message Service and storing a phone number list which can also be downloaded from an SIM phone card. This solution ensures maximum lateral hold, fast approaches to bends and a very effective, precise steering response.

All these devices are concentrated in CONNECT, the most advanced integrated tool of this type and the one that currently offers the highest number of functions and services.

The array of on-board instruments and controls is complemented by a display between the two big round dials. The benefits over normal halogen headlamps are easy to enumerate: Some interesting ideas have been adopted on the Lancia Thesis. This option is particularly welcome on the hottest days when the car has been parked for a long time under the sun.

It is activated by moving the right stalk unit to the first position intermittence. The solar cell roof an option on both Lancia Thesis specifications comes with a panel that slides lengthways, opens in six position and stows away into a special housing between the car roof and the roof panel trim.

This enables the Skyhook system to choose the damping setting best suited to car driving conditions from an infinite range of possibilities within a few milliseconds and independently for each wheel.

The device detects changes in external light intensity and compares it with a value set by the driver to control exterior lighting activation. A vertical rod connects the lower arm to the pillar, the load bearing element of the wheel.

The Radar Cruise Control system fitted to the Lancia Thesis can be controlled by turning two wheels on the stalk switch. As far as ease and promptness of driving is concerned, the multiple arm system also ensures perfect steering control on corners and when braking and thus great stability during overtaking and lane change manoeuvres.

Such as an Set-up Memory that allows you to adjust the front seats, rear view mirrors and steering wheel to your own satisfaction and then recall the same settings whenever you want at the press of a key. The Lancia Thesis also comes with front and rear electric windows with an anti-obstruction sensor.

The device is more sophisticated than ordinary volume controls on conventional devices and ensures a high-quality sound that is always natural.

Lancia THESIS CONNECT Owner's Manual

The beam is joined to the body and lower arm by flexible bushes that are specially designed to ensure stable and comfortable rear axle performance. Similarly, it is also possible to find out the number of incoming callers or be informed of the arrival of an SMS. When they are off, they look as though they are one colour all over.

At the same time, they also benefit from a roomy climate controlled compartment big enough to stow two cans. This allows the system to prevent an excessive increase in temperature inside the car caused by the sun and thus to inform the climate control system in time.

The body computer acts as an interpreter between the two CAN networks. On Emblema versions this feature is an option on other versions the system can be used to adjust all front seat settings electrically: Electrically-controlled seats also come with an antipanic function:. Lancia Forum für alle Lancia Fahrer und Lancia Fans.

Bietet News, Treffen, Fotos, Links, Downloads und viele Themen rund um Lancia. The navigation system comes as standard on the Lancia Thesis Emblema and as an option on the Lancia Thesis. It represents an effective aid for a relaxed drive in full comfort.

The device uses visual and voice messages to give the driver a step-by-step route to the destination. lancia thesis cd zentraleuropa how to do a book summary romanticism essay scarlet letter custom dissertation results editing websites for university thesis banner The History of Yakku in Japan photo essay software type my government dissertation a outline for a research paper.

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I kod mene slican problem: Pojavi se poruka da cd nije ubacen ja ubacim ali i dalje nista, najpre sam zeleo da prebacim sa italijanskog na engleski meni ali i za to trazi cd. eLearn Lancia Thesis Multilingual Factory Repair in CD. Elearn is a original workshop service manual and wiring diagrams for Lancia.

This is a complete Factory Service Manual contains all necessary instructions needed for any repair your vehicle may require. It is the very same manual Dealer Technicians use to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

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Lancia thesis cd zentraleuropa
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